Dress like every day is your last.

The FAM story

We create keypieces that breathe timelessness and offer endless possibilities. Every woman has a sensitive side but also a badass edge. FAM embodies that duality by being both seductive and edgy, feminine and fierce.

The FAM behind FAM

I am Vanessa, 39 years young and passionate 
to make you shine, everyday!

I love to dance through life in a FAMtastic outfit. As a fervent traveler, my style is a mixture of various tastes and fragrances of encounters with people all over the world. 

I juggle daily with different roles of being a businesswoman, a caring mother and sexy wife. Creating an outfit that fulfills the aesthetic needs of all those sides of my womanhood thrills me. That is the feeling I want to share with you through my creations.

A FAM-outfit always starts in my old school drawing book. Inspiration comes from all you ladies in the street, in the office, … and energy comes from the FAMily that keeps getting bigger. Thank you all for your contribution!

FAM is fundamentally human. We are people people.

FAM values

FAM is built upon loyalty, honesty and relationships while being true to ourselves and our mission. We value quality over quantity and relationship over turnover. We are patient and believe that good things come to those who wait.

FAM clothing is made from durable textiles. They are made close to home in a small family business where old school craftsmanship and human values are still key elements and not empty words on a design wall.